2016/2017 Supply Lists

Student Fees

We have received significant budget cuts from the district that impacts some of the opportunities that our students would traditionally receive. We are committed to offering a high quality instructional program and provide endless learning experiences for our students. We need the support from our families with payment of school fees, participation with fundraisers and utilizing the resources that we have within our Bret Harte families and community to offset the budget cuts.

The student fees are used as a supplement to support the foundation of our educational process at Bret Harte School. Each student in K-8 student fee payments can be made prior to the first day of school, in the main office and a receipt will be provided at that time. All school fees must be paid by September 25, 2015. We are sensitive to the economic crisis that many of us are facing. If you need to make arrangements, please contact the main office. The student fee includes:

  • Instructional Supports: (Supplemental for core subjects, magazine, and school-wide programs)
  • Agenda/Journal Notebooks:
  $ 5
  • Art Supplies:
  $ 5

School Uniform

Students must adhere to the school uniform policy everyday. Students must report on the first day of school fully dressed.

The uniforms consist of the following:

Students that adhere to the uniform policy for the entire month can participate in the “Badger Day” school-wide uniform incentive on the last Friday of each month. The cost to participate is $1 each month or $10 for the year. The “Badger Days” are scheduled for September 25, March 25th, April 29th, May 27th, October 30th, and June 3rd.